dreams are made to be done

after sometime neglecting an egocentric need to set up my own domain on this big thing called Internet, and eventually share my passion for the Montenegrin ISO 3166 code, I finally succumbed to the obvious. after all it might make sense to do so even if you are not quite fond of solipsism.

so folks, feel free to click on things here. it is probably safe. there is not much to see yet, but I want to keep this a little bit interesting (not too much though). for now you can just see how beautiful my CV/resumé became after a nice face lift kindly performed on a late night with the cool modernCV package (yeah it's LaTeX!), and some old content from my MSc thesis (it's in Portuguese though). unfortunately the entire report is still a matter of national security and Ian Fleming won't let me release it for the next 1.5 years [EDIT: it's available now!] .

that's about it for now. I hope you find the time to make this your favorite website ever (yes, the one you check daily on your smarphone even before getting out of bed) and see more posts of me linking to stuff.

welcome to my blog.